Diet Plan for breast feeding Mothers

Most of the mothers curious to know the proper diet plan and food intakes which can beneficial for their new born baby at the time of breast feeding.

Many doctors and experts mostly suggest avoiding certain foods for the breast feeding mother because these foods can create digestive issues or allergic problem in your body. They also suggest some special foods which definitely enhance the quality and amount of the Milk which is always beneficial for your Baby.

According to research Mother’s milk is always the best food for a new born baby and it always protect the baby and enhance the immune power. Mother’s diet is directly proportional to the quality of milk for your baby so you have to take care of your diet especially during your breast feeding time horizon.

Now in this post we are going to share some important diet plans as well as tips which will definitely help you a lot for sure.

Things you need to eat

  • As protein is an important and highly necessary thing for human body it’s highly essential to add protein foods in your diet plan. You can add protein foods like eggs, milk, beans, nuts seeds fish two to three times per day in your diet plan.
  • Vegetables are always important as they provide irons, fiber, minerals and much more vitamins. So you need to add three servings of vegetable in your diet plan.
  • Fruits are special and highly essential things for human body. You can add two servings of any fruits per day in your diet plan.
  • Whole grains are full of fibers and vitamins so you need to add whole grain foods like pasta, cereal, wheat breads and oatmeal daily in your diet plan.
  • Find yourself thirsty during breast feeding is a normal thing and for that you need to drink sufficient amount of water so that it will hydrate your body properly.
  • If you are vegetarian then you need to intake high iron and zinc foods like dried fruits, beans, seeds, nuts and dairy products like milk. Vegan mother need to take vitamin B12 supplement so that her baby will not face B12 deficiency.

How much food a breast feeding mother needs to eat?

Most of the breast feeding mothers normally asks experts to how much food they need to eat? The answer is pretty simple breast feeding normally needs additional calories. It normally depends on your weight. If you have baby weight from your pregnancy then the additional calories will be naturally used for milk making but if you lost your weight then you need to intake extra calories around 500 to 600 calories on regular basis. You should continue this process till your baby start eating other foods normally after 6 months.

What you can share with your baby via Milk?

  • For the brain development of your baby DHA (Docasa Hexanenoic Acid) is quite necessary. This is an important omega 3 fatty acid which normally helps your baby. So you can create DHA in your milk by eating fish two to three times per week. Tuna fish, Trout, Bluefish, salmon are some best source of omega 3 fatty acids so never hesitate to add these foods in your diet.
  • Colors of your foods you eat or the natural pigments in vegetables and other herbal supplements can also change the color of your milk.
  • If you are taking different flavors in your diet then it will definitely appear in your milk and your baby can taste the same flavor during breastfeeding.
  • Normally spicy and gas producing foods are well tolerated by your new born baby but if you are marking any effect on your baby then it’s better to avoid those particular foods.

These are some important points you should take care of during your breast feeding. It’s always important to follow proper diet plan and eat healthier food during breast feeding as it directly give your baby required amount of vitamins, minerals, iron fibers and other necessary thing via milk. The higher quality milk a mother can give her baby the baby will stay fit as well as healthy forever.