My First Cross-fit Experience!

Before my first class, the only thing Cross-fit and I had in common was the ‘cross’ part. I’d always been unhappy and frustrated with my body and my stress levels matched that. I’d heard about Cross-fit from a girlfriend after a little convincing decided to give it a go. I had preconceptions that everyone would look amazing, but surprisingly that wasn’t the case. Sure, there were some pretty fit people there, but there were also a few ‘average’ people which made me feel a bit better about myself and not so self-conscious – Ha! The session itself was tough, though you only pushed yourself as hard as you wanted to push yourself. After ~40 minutes of squats, burpee’s, crunches and sprints I was buggered! It didn’t take long for the ‘buzz’ to wear-off after which I was overcome with an insatiable desire to sit/lie down and do nothing. After a good 20 minutes I mustered all of my remaining strength and hobbled over to the kitchen where I made myself a tasty and nutritious protein shake. That ‘whey’ stuff gives me gastro problems so I always use a veagn-based powder. I’m currently using Plant Fusion’s ‘Phood’ and I must say it’s awesome! Bit pricey, but awesome nonetheless. All in all, cross-fit was good and I enjoyed the experience and plan n going back in the coming days. Until then, stay tuned and have fun!

6 Minutes to Skinny Reviewed: Before & After

In my last post, I said I would occasionally do a product review. Well, today is that day! The product under the microscope today is 6 minutes to skinny. It’s written by Craig Ballantyne and offers a unique, super-fast way to lose weight taking, yep you guessed it, 6 minutes. I decided to stump-up the cash bought it from here after reading their review.  It took me about 2hrs to work my way through the e-books they have. I spent much of that time reading on my iPad thanks to the program being available to download from the net. I liked how the program was written and it never got too technical, which is nice :)

The program gives an outline of 4-6 weeks to start seeing results. With that in mind, my motivation was sky-high and I was able to maintain it throughout the program. I think a big part of this was due to the no-fuss approach. I’ve tried other programs before, but often found myself getting bored and unable to deal with the information. In that respect, 6 minutes to skinny was a (very) refreshing and welcome change.

They say an image is worth a thousand words, so I’ve included a pic of my before and after, showing my results after using the program for 5 months. I don’t plan on using the program continuously from this point forward. Instead, I plan to use it on as as-needed basis, just to help keep things in check. Overall, I would recommend the program looking for quick results, but don’t have the time, or the patience.

6 minutes to skinny review - before and after

Welcome to!

This is my intro post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. My name’s Sophie and as you might have guessed from my domain name, I’m just another mom of 2. Two boys to be exact and this is my blog where I plan on sharing a little piece of my life with you. I’m not any different from any other mom out there. I live in a modest estate, drive an average car and work full-time to help keep the bills at bay. I love food, wine and going hiking in my spare time. I also do cross-fit at my local gym to stay fit and manage the stress that comes with being a mom of two bouncing-boys. That’s all for now, expect my next post in the coming days :)